ADHENO - Integrated Rural Development Association

ADHENO’s active Current projects are described below.
These projects are grouped in 4 categories based on the sources of funding

I. All We Can Project

In 2022, ADHENO is implementing a project entitled: Increasing food and income security of small holder farmers, women and landless youths on the thematic areas of Environment and Biodiversity Conservation; Enhancing the livelihoods and nutrition of rural community and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services funded by All We Can.
1. Environment and biodiversity conservation
1.1. Tree seedlings, plantation and related activities ADHENO produces tree seedlings at the nursery sites, and give training to the community on afforestation and its importance to mitigate desertification, global warming, and forestry as income generation activity. ADHENO also organize community tree plantation programs to cover acres and acres of land with both indigenous and foreign trees.
1.2. Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) ADHENO gives community training on soil and water conservation (SWC). The training focuses on the application of soil and water conservation (SWC) measures. ADHENO also assist the community engagement in soil and water conservation (SWC) activities.
1.3. Building Biogas Digester ADHENO Promotes and assist households in building biogas by providing cement, sand and covered the costs for material transportation.
2. Enhanced livelihoods and nutrition of rural community
2.1. Improved Potato seeds introduction and Production ADHENO introduces the community to the improved potato seed production and farming. The potato farming enables the rural community survive through the acute food shortage periods of the year, The introduction of the potato farming starts by giving training and includes the supply of improved potato seeds.
2. Animal Husbandry ADHENO improves animal breeding by providing heifers to improve livelihoods of rural community. Heifers are purchased from local market and are being distributed to poor rural households including poor women headed households. A high breed bull has been bought from local community. The purpose of buying the bull is to provide bull service to provide improved animal breeding for the community. In 2022, ADHENO planned to bull services for 24 households (24 cows). Promotion of Artificial Insemination (AI) service is given to the community through training on the benefits of Artificial Insemination (AI) and by facilitating the actual application of the insemination. Adheno will purchase 500 high breed chickens for 50 women who live in Cherkos in 2022. Each woman will be provided 10 chickens. The chickens will be purchased in collaboration with Woreda Animal husbandry office by confirming their health status. The distribution will be done for newly trained women. And they will contribute 10 % of the chicken cost and will purchase forage for the chickens by their contribution.
2.3 Increase income and saving of deprived women by engaging them in Self Help Group (SHG) ADHENO establishes poor women self-help groups (SHGs), and gives training on saving, petty treading and financial systems including use on Banks. ADHENO also gives startup money for the poor women self-help groups (SHGs). Members of the SHGs have a weekly saving meeting. As part of the empowerment process, Adheno has been providing them financial books, ledgers, printed saving books among other supports. Organizing women in SHGs has three purposes which include economic empowerment, social change and empowerment of women in community participation and decision making processes.
3. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
3.1. Spring water development ADHENO constructs spring water in rural areas where there is no pipe water. The construction of spring water includes capping of the main spring, water tanker and cattle trough. The developed spring water is used for both household consumption and domestic animals. In 2022, spring water will be developed to make available public potable water in Muti-cherkos or Moye Amangult Kebele to access 120 community members and their animals. Water distribution point will also be erected to supply the clean safe water.
3.2. Training and establishing WASH committee ADHENO establishes and trains Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) committee at the rural areas. These committee members are responsible for mobilizing the community and facilitate the day to day appropriate utilization of the spring water. In 2022, the community in Cherkos Kebele will form and elect water and sanitation management committee to lead community participation and ultimately take-care overall management of the scheme. The committee will mobilize the community and will excavate all trench and backfilled voluntarily.

II. Emergency Support Programs funded by Dir Biyabir

Besides its developmental activities, ADHENO has been actively engaging in humanitarian activities. For instance, it has delivered lifesaving Food and None-Food Items (NFIs) to Ataye and Shewarobit Communities and to IDPs sheltered in Debre-Birhan in phases with a financial support from ADHENO’s long-time partners such as Dir Biyabir.

III. Way2Help: Organization to support humanitarian projects (Prof. Turnowsky et al.)

1) Teachers training, classroom building, school furniture for different schools in Bassona Worana woreda.
2) Permanent yearly support of 50 primary school girls and 35 high school and university students
This project is supported by an Austrian organization in providing training to teachers, building more classrooms, supplying school furniture to different schools in Bassona Worana woreda.
ADHENO builds more class rooms and school laboratories to rural primary schools where the schools have fewer class rooms and limited grades.
ADHENO distributes student desks, chairs, library shelves, reference books, and school laboratory items to rural primary schools.
ADHENO organizes teachers’ training to improve the skills of teachers and students learning environment. The trainings include, emphasis on the importance of marking students homework, the importance of lesson plan for all teachers, means of motivating the rural child to attend school, methods to improving slow learning students, promotion of students engagement in the teaching -learning process.

IV. School Girls Support Program - Give out of supplies

ADHENO supports students from low economic status families and remote rural areas with stationery materials, sanitary materials (for poor girl students), room rent payments among other supports. Beneficiary students’ education level ranges from primary to tertiary education levels. The financial support for all these provisions come from Dir Biyabir, Dr. Welansa (Asrat Foundation) and Lishan Funds. Currently, ADHENO is supporting 264 students (Primary School – Tertiary education levels) who are getting educational materials, sanitary materials (to female students), and room rent payments among other supports. These students are from primary school, high school, college and university students.

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