ADHENO's Achievements 2017

Project Location

- Region: Amhara

- Zone: North Shoa

- Woreda: Basona Worana

- Targeted Kebeles

- Goshebado, Metkorya, Weynye, Moy

- Amangult & Muti Cherkos

Project Donors

ALL WE CAN : (Sept.2016-Dec.2017)

Dir-Biyabir: (May 2015- Dec., 2017 through extension & another new project from May 2017 – Dec.2017)

Prof. Turnowsky and Prof. Michael Krötlinger (Jan-Dec., 2017)

Hiwote Memorial Fund

Reporting Period

July  to September , 2017

Project Budget: 

- Income: 955,482.40 (423,706.40 AWC, 419,500 School Construction & 112,275 to fill Staff Salary gap)

- Expenditure:964,787.70


Project Components

1.Environmental Rehabilitation & Sustainable Development

2.Mitigating Social Crises

3.Strengthening  ADHENO


Project Achievements

1. Environmental Rehabilitation & Sustainable Development

Activity Plan Achievement Remarks
Produce tree seedlings through supporting two central and five community tree nursery stations 520,000 700,000 Community stations could produce more than expectation
Strengthen area closures 6 8
Planted tree seedlings using Gudifecha and Com. mobilization strategy all are indigenous trees  900.000 1.400.000 - 90,000 Birr where payed (planted using tree Gudifecha strategy)


Tree Planting ………



Activity Plan Achievements Remarks
Provided training on fruit and vegetable management and Production
50 persons 51persons
Distributed 250 orange, 250 Mango, 400 Lemon, 600 coffee 5kg Cabbage, 6kg beetroot, 6kg Carrot & 6kg Onion 140 persons 156 persons Additional 105 persons were selected considering their past achievements


Activity Plan Achievements Remarks

Installed High Density Poly-thene (HDP)

2000 m 2000 m Weyeneye Kebele 500 m Debere & 1500 m Gof sub kebeles

Promoted Tree Gudifecha Strategy 2 3 using various community gatherings

High Density Poly-thene (HDP)


Debre Berhan Nursery Station


Gudifecha Orientation


Community Tree Nursery Station at Moy Amangult


2.  Mitigating Social Crises

Activity Plan Achievements Remarks
School Girls Support Program (High School) 72 72 Coordinated summer vacation activities, provided orientation
Construction of new school 1 1 Construction completed


New two class rooms


Activity Plan Achievements Remarks
Supported self help groups having 300 members in total 15 15 7 in Woynye ,2 in Moyamanguilt, 1 Muticherkos, 3 Goshebad & 2 Metekoriya
Organize 6 Community Conversation sessions 245persons 253 persons


Self Help Group


3.  Strengthening  ADHENO

Resource mobilization :

Completed Masters project aiming at evaluating the impact of ADHENO’s intervention through integrated rural development approach for the past 12 years with Michigan University.

Established Resource Mobilization Committee, and implemented various initiatives

Signed MOU with  PRIDE  from Colorado and development of project proposal is underway for improving education at selected schools in Mojana Wodera Woreda

Conducted discussion on possible partnership and resource mobilization activities with Hunger Project, GIZ and Prof. Turnowsky and Prof. Michael, ministry of environment and other individuals 


Other Activities

Hosted  two representatives from the Methodist church.

Midterm strategic review is underway by ATEM consultancy